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Wide Open Walls 2019, Sacramento

Archival Gallery, 3223 Folsom BLVD, Sacramento.

I recently had the pleasure of being a part of the annual Sacramento mural festival, Wide Open Walls. I able to adorn the walls of Archival Gallery at 3223 Folsom Blvd. I have a great relationship with the gallery and the owners, so to be able to paint the wall was a sweet, fun, warm-hearted experience. Leave Your Mark was a life saver for the paint, Cheaters was a great spot for a midday cool down. Thank you, Sacramento.

Daisy enamel pins are here!

My first enamel pin is here in the form of Daisy. The hard enamel pin is 2″wide (plus propeller) 1.5″ tall and has a SPINNING PROPELLER!
Check it out on my store page.

Charles prints now live.

Pre-orders of “Charles” are now live on the store page! Each 17×22″ Charles print is signed, numbered, and if order before July 7th, you’ll get a free 8×10 “Silence” print with it! (see below)

Faith No More Artist Proofs

I recently came across a few Artists Proofs of the Faith No More Poster I did for a Santa Ana show at the Observatory. The official release was originally through Secret Serpents and is a four color screen print (CMYK) printed at Monolith Press. Check the out in the STORE.