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Tales of the City at Modern Eden

Tales of the City opens this Saturday 12/16 at Modern Eden Gallery. The Mission Blue Butterfly is a real endangered species native to San Francisco. Combine that with the evictions, suspicious fires, rent hikes, overall gentrification of the city’s Mission District, add its iconic New Mission Theater sign and you get this. 12×12 acrylic on canvas.

Sale on original paintings, free shipping!

I have put all original paintings on sale for the holidays and until December 20th I am offering free shipping to anywhere! Please visit to see whats currently available. (there’s also a link to originals on my Store page) Thank you to everyone who has purchased paintings, prints, and shirts, it means the world to me, always. 

Cyber Monday!

Happy Cyber Monday! Use the code CHEER for free shipping on all shirt orders $45 or more from my Threadless shop Offer good until December 15th!

Midas’ Minion print now available for pre-order



My first and only print release of 2017, Midas’ Minion is now available as a 17×22 print! Limited edition of 50, printed with archival inks on velvet cotton rag paper. Here is a bit of background of the bold little beetle and its origin story.
It’s a little known fact that after King Midas went completely mad after accidentally turning everyone and everything he loved to gold, he locked himself in a tower only to develop an unhealthy relationship with a Rasputin like alchemist/tinkerer named Lauraunt. Vowing to never speak to anyone in person ever again out of fear and guilt (he only spoke to Lauraunt because he had a slight disgust and mistrust of him and if things ever went south, well, let’s just say the guilt would melt away) he had the tinkerer build an army of mechanical beetles who absorbed the golden contact on their shell, and then were able to pass along the infamous touch. Midas would whisper to these minions, and they would relay messages to the ears of friends and supporters. But to his enemies and foes, their sneaky little beetle bite was the last thing they would feel before hardening into gilded gorgon like monumental casualty. 
Check out my STORE to get yours today. 

*And if you pre-0rder now til Black Friday, 11/24, you will get a free Great White 8×10 print !

Happy Holiday kick off everyone, Thanks!!