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April & May Shows, 6 of ’em!

April and May have been busy and exciting months for group shows, 6 of them! All of which I’m honored and proud to be a part of. The most recent being one of my favorite annual group shows, Gag Me with a Toon. This is the 5th installment of the show, co-curated by Steven Daily and Tomi Monstre, and my 3rd year of participation. The Show opened at WWA Gallery in Culver City on May 4th and runs through June 1st. This year I chose to paint the biggest asshole of all Eternia / Don Rickles of villians, Skeletor. You can view the entire show HERE

“I Must Possess All, or I Possess Nothing”-Skeletor

May 3rd was the opening of  The Fantastic 50, at 111 Minna Gallery, here in home base San Francisco. The show was curated by Irene Hernandez-Fieks of  Wonderland SF. if you’ve ever been to 111 Minna you know it’s a huge space, and the entire thing is filled with beautiful works hand picked by a good eye, Kudos Irene!  The show runs through the month of May.

My contribution to the show is “The New Biology Coccinellidae”

Also in San Francisco, at Varnish Fine Art, is Decade-1, a show celebrating their ten year anniversary. Co-owners Jen Rogers and Kerri Stephens consistently put together shows of the highest caliber, whether group or solo, and this is one more that proves why they are ten years deep and stronger than ever. I’m really proud to be included in this show, you can get a look at the entire show HERE and runs from April 20th-May18th

My two contributions for the show are “Lucky Strike 15-Sting” (top) and “Lucky Strike 16-Internal Combustion” (above)

I had the pleasure of being asked to participate in Visions and Reflections over at Gauntlet Gallery. The show features 50 San Francisco Bay Area artists all working in a 12×12″ format. Thanks Luke for inviting me into this one, it was fun to do. (Side note, prints on canvas of my “Lucky Strike” painting are available through their sister company Art for People) Visions and Reflections runs April 13th-May 18th, you can see all the work for the show HERE

“A Better Beetle for a Better Tomorrow, Today”

Over on the opposite coast at Gristle Tattoo in Brooklyn, opening on April 27th is the Group art show: Metamorphosis: Liminal Beings & Legendary Creatures. Featuring original artwork by 100 taur , Allison Summers, Andrew Johnson-Lally, Aniela Sobieski, Aunia Kahn, Carisa Swenson, Chris Wednesday, Corine Perier, Cory Benhatzel, Dylan Smith, Eric Richardson, Erika Jane Mallette, Halsey Swain, Heather Gargon, Jeremy Hush, Kat Gun, Kristi Walls, Kristin Forbes-Mullane, Lara Scotton, Mark Elliott, Michal Brodka, Mike Wohlberg, Miykey, Peca, Paul Romano, Rachel Bridge, Ransom & Mitchell, Robert Bowen, Robert Kraiza, Rory Coyne, Selena Leardini, Susanne Apgar, VeksVanHillik, Zoë Williams and Fel Young.

“New Biology Diptera” was my little addition to this one.

Last but and definitely not least, my longtime friend John Stuart Berger curated a show in Sacramento over at Fe Gallery called The Slippery Slope. John and I have been friends showing art in the same circles for over ten years and I always look forward to seeing what he’s doing next. The show opened on April 13th and was up through the first week of May.

“Single Use/Disposable”

And that’s whats up!