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WowXWow show now online!

Lightning Bolts and Little Sparks, the inaugural show curated by the awesome website WOW x WOW, is now live and up for you to view. Below is a bit about and a link to my piece, Peter, your friendly neighborhood spider, man. From there you can check out killer pieces by a ton of outstanding artists. Thanks for including me, Tim!

About the piece:
“How does one go about constructing a Bio-Mechanical spider? I’m not really sure. I’m also not really sure if said spider would be capable of injecting DNA altering serum into anything it bites. (Seriously though, what would have happend if that spider bit anything other than an awkward high schooler?) I, however, can take you through a bit of my process of the painting I did for Lightning Bolts & Little Sparks. Its 24×36?, acrylic on canvas” 

Link to the piece:
You will find a few progress picks and for any interested parties, you can purchase the piece from HERE.

Peter was recently used as a poster for the band Mastodon’s 4/20 show at the Palladium in Los Angeles. That poster is available for purchase on my store page.