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“She’s Somebody”s Power Animal” print now available.

“…You’re going deeper into your cave. You’re going to find your Power Animal” ┬ásaid the group facilitator, hypnotically. I awoke in a frozen courtyard surrounded by caves. I proceeded to walk into the first cave to my left where I was confronted by a white Siberian tigress. She calmly growled I was in the wrong place and started to chase me out the way I came in. I felt a wave of heat spilling over my back and as I turned around I caught the tail end of a breath of fire and a glimmer of one golden fang. “She’s somebody’s power animal.” I thought. And although I wish she were mine, she was not. I woke up on a plane to St. Louis, how long had I been out for?

She’s Somebody’s Power Animal. 12×22 $45 Limited edition of 50 available in the store.