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New Biology Pompilidae print!


Wasps in the family Pompilidae are commonly called spider wasps or pompilid wasps. Pompilids typically have a slender body with long, spiny legs and the hind femur is often long enough to reach past the tip of the abdomen. The tibiae of the rear legs usually have a conspicuous spine at their distal end. The first two segments of the abdomen being narrowed characterize the slender look of their bodies. The pompilid body is typically dark, black or blue, sometimes with metallic reflections. Like other strong fliers, the thorax of pompilids is modified for efficient flight, fuse to that a Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin-Row 14 cylinder Wasp engine and this little beauty is the ultimate in Biomachanicentomological Science.
The New Biology Pompilidae print is 12×22, $45. Printed with archival inks on acid free velvet cotton rag paper and a limited edition of 50. Each print is hand signed and numbered, available on the Store Page.