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My solo show, Blasphemous Nature, runs through September 29th at 111Minna Gallery.

My solo show, Blasphemous Nature, opens up at San Francisco’s 111 Minna Gallery on August 3rd, and I’m very excited to share this collection of work.  I am continuing to focus on my fascination with animal/machinery hybrids. There are so many unanswered questions I have about them. Is this a not so distant future reality? A terrible road we should never go down? If the bees continue to disappear, should we design a replacement to pick up where they left off? Or do we accept our fate and stop toying with Mother Nature since that is what got us into trouble in the first place. I’m continuing to play mad scientist in a laboratory that should never really exist. To juxtapose these prophetic tragedies, I have created a new series of creatures with a precious stone element to them, based on the idea that all people should covet nature and its fauna in the same way they covet their jewelry and trivial trinkets, because if you don’t…you end up with the former. 
This is the biggest, most expansive selection of pieces I have ever shown in one space, I hope you get visit it while it is up through September 29th.


Below is ” The Guardian,” one of my favorite pieces from the show, and the first piece to greet you as you walk in. (48×48 acrylic on canvas)

 A great glimpse at the show, thanks to a video by Paul Bustamante