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Hi Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom.

Well, that was one for the books. 
This past weekend Oakland’s The Compound Gallery opened up The Art of the Mushroom. Curated by Hi-Fructose, The Art of the Mushroom is an exploration into artists’ interpretations of the friendly, deadly, tasty, hallucinogenic, phallic, alien, and legendary mushroom. Featuring art from Jennybird Alcantara, Alex Pardee, Andrew Schoultz, Annie Owens, Attaboy, Brandi Milne, Bwana Spoons, Casey Weldon, Charlie Immer, Chet Zar, Christina Mrozik, Christopher Gilland, Chuck Sperry, Crystal Morey, Dave Cooper, Dave Correia, Double Parlour, Ellen Jewett, Erika Sanada, Ferris Plock, Gary Taxali, Gosia, Graham Yarrington, Horrible Adorables, Isabel Samaras, Joe Vaux, John Casey, Junko Mizuno, Kii Arens, Kmndz, Krk Ryden, Laura Berger, Marco Mazzoni, Marion Peck, Mark Dean Veca, Mark Ryden, Martin Ontiveros, Matt Gordon, Michael Campbell, Michael Reedy, Miles Johnston, Naoto Hattori Nicomi Nix Turner, Renee French, Rob Sato, Robert Bowen, Scott Musgrove, Skinner, Smithe, Steven Cerio, Travis Lampe, Travis Louie, Tripper, Tristan Eaton, Wayshak, Yoko D’holbachie, the show was insanely packed with talent and people, with a line that that extended down the block for the entire opening. If you weren’t able to make it to the opening, the show runs through December 9th. You need to see this. Here is just a sampling of the art, and a few opening night photos. 

“What” by Me

“Mushrooms and Dew Drops” by Marion Peck