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New Updates!

Good things are in the works! It’s a new year and a lot of new things are on the schedule. here are a few things that have happened so far.

The awesome guys at the R&R put together an amazing show with an amazing lineup of artists. Each artist was given a mannequin and was free to what they please to the poor thing. Here is a video of some of the in process shenanigans.

Robert Bowen Flocks a Mannequin from Babylon Falling on Vimeo.

Also I was honored to be a part of the annual Surreal Salon at the Baton Rouge Gallery,
in Baton Rouge, Louisiana of course. Here is a link to the catalog for the show.

Much thanks to David Ball.The paintings that were selected were “Southern Oracle”
and “Aprils Fools”.

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Much more fun and cool things to come stay posted!