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A Candy Coated Press Recap.

I just want to say thank you again to every one that came out to the opening of my latest show Candy Coated, which opened up at San Francisco’s Lopo Gallery on August 13th. The positive response and support that I received was a little overwhelming and I am extremely grateful for it. Here’s a rundown of some of the amazing press I received leading up to the opening:

The Dynamic Duo of Stacey Ransom and Jason Michell of Purebred Productions invited me to be part of their ongoing series of artist portraits. The above photograph is just one of three photos that we came up with that reflect the personality of myself and of my art, I LOVE THEMM!!! You can check out all three portraits and an interview by Stacey HERE!!! It’s really nice to have someone completely get what it is you do, Stacey has got it pegged and I totally appreciate that!

Shaun Roberts is a ridiculously talented photographer and journalist, I was super lucky enough to have him stop by for a studio visit. Shaun took a bunch of photos, pulled out a recorder, I awkwardly answered a bunch of questions and the resulting interview is a testament to the skill and dedication this guy has to churning out nothing but high quality EVERYTHING.

Last but nowhere near least, the ever slick and always finger on the pulse of good shit, Warholian also came by for a studio visit. I am honored to be part of all the great things in the art world they cover and spread to the masses. You can read the interview and check out the stylish slideshow of me putting the finishing touches on some of the paintings for the show. Warholian’s sister site Patron of the Arts was also very supportive and lovely enough to post all the information on the show including the intervew by Shaun Roberts, and I tip my hat to that.

Thanks again to Lopo Gallery, all the artists, old friends, new friends, family, and folks that came out to support this show. If you missed the opening, Candy Coated is on display until september 3rd, check it out if you can, Lopo is open Wed-Sat from 1-6pm.