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August issue of Juxtapoz Magazine

I have a nice little 10 page feature in the August issue of Juxtapoz Magazine. I would like to thank my long time friend Alex Pardee for stopping by to interview me. Also the photographic team of Ransom & Mitchell for putting up with my chronic nosebleeds during the photo shoot for the lead in pic, you make a colorful blood disorder look good.

From Pardee’s intro:
….within days I discovered Robert was less Pee-Wee Herman and more David Cronenberg. Employing Lincoln Continental, Odd Nerdum, and tentacle fetish with a healthy diet of Play-Doh, Christian Brothers, Salvador Dali, Sid and Marty Kroft, exploitation movies, and Jimboy’s Tacos, Robert had one of the most unique and shocking approaches to art that I had ever seen at the time. Simply put, he painted what he wanted and how he wanted. That was it. And he was completely unapologetic. It baffled me! In a time when alternative art was beginning to become marketable at the smallest level and everyone, including myself, was trying to paint what other people would like, hoping that our super edgy half-assed, big-pants, big-hands characters with spray cans would be the next big thing, Robert was publicly painting flowers with vaginas and deformed blobs with dental problems. It fascinated me, and changed the way I approached my art.

Thanks Alex 🙂

Here’s a couple images from the feature:

The Hunter, 8×16

Lucky Strike 4, 8×16

So be sure to pic up an August issue of Juxtapoz Magazine to get the whole shebang. In the immortal words of Martha Stewart, “its a good thing.”