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A.P.E.’s, Anger, Bunnicula and Beastacorns!

This past weekend, 10/16-10/17, the Alternative Press Expo took place here in San Francisco. Tons of art, artists and underground greatness. I released a couple of mini prints and Batboy Blue and Bunnicula and was met with an overwhelmingly good response to both and those are now available to the rest of the world HERE or by visiting my store page.

new arrivals smiling and showing their teeth just for you.

Thank you to every one who came out to support and help make this year’s APE a total success!

And a special thanks to my neighbors Brad Isdrab and Lucian Shapiro, Lucian hooked me up with a special BEASTACORN!

In the middle of all this on Friday night at Space Gallery was the Show, Trusims: A tribute to Jenny Holzer Each artist was given the task of going through the list of “truisms”, there was about 200 of them, and selecting one (in my case I couldn’t choose, so I did two small ones) of them and Reinterpreting it any way they choose.

Here are the two I chose.

and HERE are a few other pieces from the show courtesy of the Warholian.

Also that evening was a very special edition of MOVIE KNIGHTS over at the ZEROFRIENDS STORE, check that out HERE.  Annnndd HERE is the recap of ME co-hosting one of my Favorite Movies, Big Trouble in Little China, earlier that week!