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A couple of things

If you are In the L.A. area Friday 7/9 do yourself a favor and check out THIS!


It is a LABYRINTH inspired art show at the R&R gallery. Flavorwire posted a little article about it that shows a sample of some of the pieces from the show, click HERE to read it. This is the little number that I did for the show. It’s titled 13:13, It’s an alternate reality depicting what would have started to happen if Sarah did not complete the labyrinth in 13 hours.


If you make it to the show be sure to check out the stuff Dave Correia did for the show, all fantastic 4 of them kick ass and here’s an in progress shot of ONE of them and it only gets better from there!

Second, I had the privilege of taking part in a one night exhibit associated with the Oakland Art Murmer called RAW. It was curated by Carly Ivan Garcia, featured a cornucopia of different styles of art, and they let me make a mess of their wall for an evening and show an encore exhibit of what was left from my show from Old Crow. It gave me a chance to show my art to a different audience who might not have ever been exposed to it before, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. And for that Mr. Garcia I salute you!
updated RAW flyer
HERE is a video of the exhibit. And that’s all I have to say about that.